The 4 People You Need In Your Digital Marketing Team

"The bigger the dream, the more important the team." Robin Sharma, author of the #1 best seller book 'The Leader Who Had No Title'.


As a business owner or agency, you want a team that is not only skilled to do the work but has the work ethic and values that are in line with helping your business and its customers succeed.

Start-up businesses often start with one person wearing ‘all hats’. You’re the social media specialist, strategist, video editor, content creator, and business owner. Your business is small, so you’ve got the time to do it all. But as your business grows, this becomes a tricky thing to manage. Running your own digital marketing campaigns is great if you have the time and expertise, but many business owners prefer to focus on the core of their business and putting plans in place to grow it. A digital marketing team can help take care of all the business advertising so you can focus on what’s important to you – growing your business. In this blog, we’ll share 4 people you need in your digital marketing team…

1. A Digital Strategist

Strategy should always be at the heart of everything you do. Without a strategy in place, there is little direction and structure to help you reach your marketing or business goals. The role of a strategist is varied. Their tasks and responsibilities should include:

  • Market research to understand market trends, your customers, competitors, and potential target market.
  • Setting measurable goals to help achieve core business objectives of reach, action, and revenue.
  • Develop a campaign and assign an effective budget to help reach these goals.
  • Oversee digital campaigns or projects and work with a team to ensure their deliverables are met. 


2. A Social Media Manager

If you’ve sat in front of Facebook’s Business Manager, even just once, you’ve probably hatched a few grey hairs. Facebook created Business Manager as a way to separate Facebook business-related activities from your personal profile. Great idea, right? Unfortunately, the Business Manager has become a complicated tool for many marketers which has made for even more reason to hire a social media manager to take care of it for you.

A social media manager will oversee all your social media, from Facebook through to Instagram and Twitter.

The primary objective of your social media headcount is to connect with your customers in a way that is brand appropriate, and yields results for the business (reach, engagement, and action.) They’ll need to talk the talk and understand all facets of social media and what people like to see on the platform.

They also need to be a whiz at running Facebook ads to launch tactical campaigns for the business.

3. A Content Creator

Content has become a key part of every business’s marketing strategy. Content creation is important not only to help your website appear in Google but to inform, educate, inspire, engage and soft sell to new or future customers.

A good content creator understands your business values, style and tone and has the ability to capture a reader’s attention in seconds. They’re creative and can re-purpose content for multiple channels:

  • Web copy
  • Blogs
  • Video scripts
  • Long form articles
  • Social media posts 

4. An Analyst

“What gets measured, gets managed.” Peter Drucker. A marketing campaign will only succeed if it has an analyst who can decipher what’s working and what isn’t.

You could have a dream team with a great strategy, brilliant content and awesome campaigns, but if you don’t have someone to review the results and provide actionable feedback on what needs to change you’ll never really see a ROI for your campaigns.

A digital marketing analyst should be able to review numbers, insights, and stats across multiple digital marketing platforms and draw conclusions and actionable optimisations to improve campaigns. Experience in Google Analytics (or Adobe) is usually preferred. They’ll need to have an understanding of the metrics for each channel you’re advertising in Facebook, Google Analytics, Instagram, etc.

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