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    Show us your stuff

    Complete your Throttl profile online and include your skills, portfolio showcase, project history, references, charge out rates and upload a video introducing yourself to our vetting team.

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    Let’s get to know each other

    After reviewing your profile and - no doubt - being super impressed, the Throttl vetting team will invite you for an online interview. They’ll ask you to take them through your favourite and most successful projects and ask you to provide a few referees who can sing your praises.

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    Skills assessment & reference check

    Once your references check out (which we’re sure they will), you may be asked to complete a skills assessment related to your discipline and an online sample project to be completed within two weeks. Those in the top tier of talent will find all this pretty easy. Because you’re the only ones we want.

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    Welcome to Throttl

    If you make it through the vetting system (and we hope you do) you’ll now be welcomed into the Throttl community as an expert in their field. Our client matching system, SlipStream™, will now appear in your dashboard and our digital growth advisers will start bombarding you with all sorts of interesting projects for which you can pitch your skills and prices. The easy-to-use SlipStream™ System will handle everything.

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    Earn the money and respect you deserve

    Each project you are awarded is managed through your Throttl dashboard. You’ll also be trusted with direct communication with clients (you've been vetted after all.) Upon successful completion of each deliverable, or monthly workflow on the bigger projects, you’ll receive payment within just seven days. It’s a top tier payment system for top tier talent.

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Have questions?

  • You can do so using our SlipStream™ system. You will need to first accept the opportunity sent by a Digital Growth Advisor. Then, respond to the opportunity with your quotation. SlipStream™ will enable you to add your deliverables, rates (hourly, day, or project), exclusions, and attach any supporting documentation you need to get the gig.

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