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2,000+ Leads

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Digital Transformation Project

SunEnergy was a newly formed venture between highly experienced and funded renewal energy industry players. The brand was conceptualised, developed and launch to market by Throttl, and now is the leader in the renewal energy (solar) category in South Australia.

SunEnergy required a team of top specialists across branding and communications strategy, right through to video production to all come together as a cohesive unit and launch the brand on a very tight deadline. Each specialist focused on their own deliverables, rather than working across many areas, all collaborating together on the daily project huddle update which Throttl management coordinated, to keep the project on track to meet their deadline. Having access to specialists across all the services they needed, with project coordination assistance of the daily huddle made Throttl the right fit for SunEnergy.

  • Project Management
  • Branding
  • Web Development
  • UX & UI Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Video Production
  • Landing Page Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Adwords

The challenge

Rapidly delivering the digital strategy for a high growth start up

The biggest challenge with the Sun Energy project was the sheer amount of deliverables to be produced within the required timeline prior to launch. To address this, Throttl management hosted a daily huddle for the first 7 to 10 days, where all involved could jump onto a conference call and outline how they are feeling about the project, their good news, what they are working on and what they need help with. This allowed for all involved to address the needs of each other and for no days to pass wasted, with no progress. A broadcast was then sent to the team daily based on the notes of the huddle, including the updated timeline based on the updates and progress made.


Rapid launch to market in South Australia from brand concept to commercialisation within 16 weeks

Planning & Strategy

The pre-planning as completed by Throttl’s digital growth adviser, which consisted of a couple of virtual workshops, to achieve a crystal clear brief, commercial measures of success and the first 30 days deliverables for the senior strategist.

  • Full Time Project Management
  • Strategic Positioning, Brand Development and Conceptualization
  • Sprint Planning and Strategic Roadmap

Conversion Assets

Once the strategy documentation was completed, the asset production process commenced. A virtual launch session (recorded) took place with all stakeholders to ensure every team member was crystal clear on their deliverables, timelines and the project communication process. Due to the size of the project, a daily huddle (10 mins) was run a four-week period during the peak of asset production.

  • Branding development
  • Graphic design
  • Custom web development (WordPress)
  • Software development (Calculator)
  • API integrations (Twilio, Zoho)
  • Videography
  • Custom animation
  • Talent search
  • GTM, GA and Data Studio
  • SEO / Blog
  • Campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ads)
  • Radio duopoly
  • Out of home


A successful brand launch, reaching our goal of kilowatts sold within weeks of launching.

A strong brand identity to enter the competitive solar market

An array of sleek, corporate digital assets including website, online savings calculator, videos, copy, landing pages and social media designs

A marketing funnel, giving the team a solid track to run on and the SunEnergy team reassurance that everything has come together and is not disjointed

Integrations with the company CRM Zoho, to filter all lead data through to the sales team

A high paced but organised project, delivered with confidence, taking the stress away from the SunEnergy corporate team

A successful brand launch, reaching our goal of kilowatts sold within weeks of launching

Ongoing optimisation and improvements, with the website on page one of Google within the first quarter of launching

Project duration


Project members


Deliverables completed

Quote Mark Icon

The reason we chose Throttl was simplicity. They provided us access to highly skilled marketing professionals that had been pre-vetted by Throttl. We are very happy with the outcome we have had from Throttl. We have seen a big upswing in leads and had a very positive result from it.

Lee Lake

Founder & CEO

Adelaide, Australia

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Throttl helped us understand our outcomes better and ensured our project had clear direction.

Raine Horne

Real Estate & Business Sales

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For us, the experience with Throttl has been really positive and easy.




Since completing our new web identity with Throttl, we have seen our business grow by 25%.

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