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Tip Titans

Joel Williams' Vision and Throttl's Engagement

Professional punter and sports trader Joel Williams, had earned an international reputation so respected that all on-line betting companies had barred him due to his impressive win-loss ratio built over a decade of success. Merging his philosophy of situational analysis and bankroll management (much like stock trading paradigm), he envisioned transforming the betting industry. Joel's success was evident: he amassed 500 customers monthly seeking strategic sports betting advice. Recognising industry peers with similar acumen, Joel conceived an idea of gathering the world's finest sports betting minds in order to give regular punters an ‘edge’.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • App Development
  • Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Development
  • CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Graphic Design
  • Google Ads Specialist
  • Project Management
  • Media Buying
  • UI Design
  • UX Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Production
  • Web Development

The challenge

Creating an Intelligent Marketplace in a Traditionally Complex Industry

The task was groundbreaking: building a two-sided marketplace providing strategic sports betting advice from analysts on one side, to sports loving punters on the other. A concept that was unheard of. So the challenge wasn't merely creating a digital platform, but to establish an entirely new category. This vision would require significant planning, strategy and innovation as we were all venturing into uncharted territory. The lofty goal was to onboard 1,000 sports traders within the first year.


Strategically Redefine the category

Planning & Strategy

Throttl assembled a remarkable team of marketing and strategic experts with a view to create an idea that made the new offering easy-to-understand and ‘sticky’. That is, that… “We turn Punting into Investing and to give it name truly befitting of such an offering – Tip Titans.“

  • National project management
  • Strategic positioning, segmentation and competitive sets
  • Quantitative and Qualitative research
  • Brand strategy, archetypes and territories
  • Overarching customer value proposition
  • Pricing strategy + unit economics

Conversion Assets

Navigating through five stages – pre planning – strategy, asset production, software integrations and marketing campaigns – Throttl hand-selected experts from its “Top 5%” community. 19 in total coming from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide all working intensively over 24 months. Every aspect, from conceptualising the brand's name, identity, core value proposition and go-to-market strategy was meticulously thought through and expertly executed. With inputs from top strategists delivering the brand's archetype and positioning, the team undertook more than 1,000 touchpoints with Joel.

  • Brand identity
  • Visual design system
  • Brand messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Videography / Photography
  • UX/UI
  • Custom web development + AWS
  • EDM marketing automation
  • SEO + Performance media
  • Analytics & BI Dashboard


A full Throttl upgrade

Tip Titans, a new challenger brand of innovation in sports trading, stands as a testament to the prowess of Joel Williams and the strategic brilliance of Throttl’s expert community. Transforming betting into a strategic investment model, the platform redefines industry norms, promising a brighter future for sports trading enthusiasts worldwide.


Conversion Assets


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"Christian and the Throttl team introduced a systematic organisational structure to our project that allowed us to build out a vision at pace. Throttl have relationships with high quality professionals that can be efficiently plugged into any area the project requires, supercharging execution - this was a priority for us. Christian's commitment to his clients' success is absolute - first understanding their goals, then working alongside them to get the result."

Joel Williams
Founder & Managing Director

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